Overcoming unification challenges to achieve a consistent UX across platforms.


Tigo Energy, based in Campbell, CA, specializes in advanced solutions for solar energy systems, offering smart modular solutions for solar photovoltaic installations, including notable products like smart module technology for enhanced control and monitoring, optimizing solar power harvesting in both residential and commercial installations.


As the Director of Design & UX at Tigo Energy, my role involved elevating competence, sophistication, and coherence across the suite of applications to align with new product launches and an upcoming initial public offering, with a specific focus on enhancing the efficiency and speed of the Commissioning Flow in the mobile app and improving the overall user experience across all customer touch points.


Develop a versatile design system for Tigo, applicable to the Ionic mobile app, React web applications, and Support platform, enabling consistent communication with customers and installation technicians through a unified visual language and user experience. Additionally, optimize the Commission process for efficiency, accommodating unreleased hardware.


The initiative involves creating unified iconography for Tigo Energy's software applications and support infrastructure, enhancing communication about the functionality of Tigo equipment internally and externally. Additionally, the introduction and evolution of a consistent design system, T1, aim to unify the user experience between the Ionic mobile app and the React web app for a seamless and cohesive design across platforms.


Following the implementation of T1, the software development team acknowledged the advantages of a dual application design system, making it easier to secure support from stakeholders beyond the development team. This expanded design influence led to the identification of key opportunities, including updating the Marketing team's website, future Go-To-Market (GTM) materials, and collaborating with the Tigo Support team on constructing the new Zendesk portal and knowledge base.

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