Simplifying the supply chain experience through the creation of a cloud platform.


Stord, a technology company based in Atlanta, GA, specializes in cloud-based supply chain solutions, offering a platform that optimizes and streamlines various aspects of the supply chain, including warehousing and distribution services. Leveraging technology like cloud solutions and data analytics, Stord aims to enhance visibility and control over supply chain operations, providing a scalable and flexible solution for businesses with the vision to go global by 2024.


As the Head of Product Design at Stord, the focus is on enhancing the design team's knowledge of Stord's logistics landscape and ideal customer profile to optimize design solutions for maximum efficiency and user experiences. This involves working within the existing Chakra Pro design framework to develop a fully functional and highly capable design system, with a team consisting of lead and senior product designers, aiming to achieve successful outcomes.


The immediate objectives for the Stord Design Team involve hiring four additional Senior Product Designers to complement the existing team of three, aligning with Stord's current growth and Go-To-Market (GTM) goals. Additionally, there is a focus on building a Design System to unify the current product set and facilitate the growth of new product lines, emphasizing product unification and front-end standardization. The team aims to address critical bottlenecks in the delivery model, particularly regarding picker effectiveness and data-driven decision-making, as Stord expands its product offerings and capabilities within its Cloud Platform.


The implementation of "Stord One" represents a significant undertaking, where a cloud platform integrates all customer product experiences into a unified login and navigation UI. This ambitious effort involves collaboration among all product teams to standardize and elevate Stord's products comprehensively. The design team played a crucial role in casting the project's vision, framing customer experiences for various user types, and advocating the success of the future platform across divisions. Additionally, they dedicated time to working with individual teams, guiding developers and project managers through specific design steps tailored to accommodate their users in the new platform.


An incredibly beautiful, simple to use proprietary Stord UI bridging the gap across disparate one-off products that had no context of one or the users within their organizations prior to the redesign.

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